Warning about recruitment scams

Nordlaks are aware that certain organisations are targeting our company and prospective employees by attempting to commit recruitment fraud. 

Our procedures 

Nordlaks only makes use of JobZone for hiring and recruitment. There are no other official representatives for Nordlaks concerning hiring than JobZone.

Neither Nordlaks or JobZone will ever ask for any payments from applicants at any point in the recruitment process.

All individuals who are offered employment with Nordlaks, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process.

During our recruitment process you will always meet in person with a Nordlaks or JobZone representative for an interview, before any formal offer is made. 

Also, please note that if you were to receive any emails from Nordlaks, the address would always end with @nordlaks.no. Also make sure that the senders email address has not been forged to look like our official emails. If this is not the case, please treat the contact as fraudulent and forward the details to us via the email address below. 

Warning signs that may indicate fraud

There are a number of things you need to watch out for. Fraudulent recruitment activities often includes the following: 

  • Requiring money from applicants (e.g. for ‘visa fees’, taxes, a percentage of travel expenses) 
  • Unrealistic compensation-and benefits packages 
  • Requesting personal information such as passport and bank account details at an early stage of the process 
  • Sending emails from free web-based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Live.com 
  • Hiding the caller ID during phone conversations 
  • Use mobile (cell) phone numbers, rather than office numbers  Insisting on urgency 
  • Issuing offers of employment in international locations on non-local conditions 
  • Using poorly formatted documentation 

What should you do? 

Do not engage with any other company than JobZone or Nordlaks directly regarding job offerings in Nordlaks.

If you have doubts about the legitimacy of an email or offer, you may email your concern to firmapost@nordlaks.no

You may forward the information about job offerings to us. If you do, please forward as an attachment to prevent any information being lost.  

What we will do 

We pass on information relating to fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities. This is not possible without your help, and we thank you in advance for taking the time to inform us.