The focus on traceability and food safety has increased significantly over the past few years. Recently both the European Union and the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to put in place regulations and laws regarding traceability.

Traceability and food safety are by no means new concepts for us. We have been focusing on producing safe products and keeping track of them for years. This has both happened through development initiated by ourself, and in cooperation with our customers.

Traceability can be split in an internal responsibility, already professionally implemented in the market, and an external responsibility, in which the whole value-chain presents itself.  

Internal traceability has been a priority at Nordlaks. We provide this by own means, supported by existing IT-solutions and certificates on every product we deliver. Here the product is tracked all the way back to the parent fish. 

A short overview of content in this certificate:

  • Origin
  • Specification of the pre-growing site
  • Specification of the growing site
  • Treatment
  • Feed during the seawater period
  • Fish meat quality
  • Filet product report

Nordlaks has decided to improve our already well established traceability system by implementing solutions from TraceTracker,  the world’s leading software provider of global traceability solutions. By implementing the traceability solution from TraceTracker, Nordlaks has taken a proactive role in establishing a value-chain traceability solution. We aim to improve internal traceability, and add the dimension of external global traceability solutions.

The Global Traceability Solution GTNet from TraceTracker provides us and our suppliers with a platform for sharing business information throughout the entire value chain. The global Traceability Network is an online, decentralized exchange of traceability information between independent players along the value chain. By supplying connectivity to the Global Traceability Network TraceTracker enable us and our partners and customers to comply with international traceability demands.

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