Nordlaks is proud to present the brand IceBerg™ Freezing Technology. Our company is always on the lookout for products that can cement our position as a quality supplier. We were the first salmon producer to introduce, in 2007, this improved IQF-method (Individual Quick Frozen) for whole, superior and pre-rigor salmon.

The IceBerg™ Freezing Technology keeps the salmon meat at an excellent consistency, and when thawed correctly it gives a high quality product for direct consumption or further processing.

Pre-rigor and superior whole salmon are sorted according to applicable standards. During one hour from bleeding, the super fresh salmon is transported into a spiral freezer where it is frozen individually (IQF) and efficiently at very low temperatures. The total freezing time is maximum 240 minutes, with a temperature below -30ºC.

The very rapid freezing obstructs, to a large degree, the formation of complex ice crystals in the muscle tissue of the fish, thus giving very limited water loss/purge when thawed. The quality of the fish is preserved, and the salmon flesh is kept at an excellent consistency.

This is the first spiral freezer which can handle salmon of sizes over 10 kgs, and it is the largest spiral freezer ever to have been built for whole salmon

When salmon is IceBerg™-frozen, it maintains its natural bodyshape and the quality features of a superior fresh product, regarding taste, smell, colour, looks and texture. Combined with the safety and convenience of a frozen product, it makes IceBerg™ salmon an excellent choice both for consumption and further processing.

Because of the low temperatures and the very rapid freezing, the skin of the frozen salmon will have a greyish pale colour. When thawing, the skin will retain its original colour.

Correct thawing is important to ensure the quality of the product. We recommend thawing in ice water for the very best result, but thawing in air gives of course also a high quality product.