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Nordlaks offers a genuine frozen processed salmon.  The unique freezing technology is applied on special consumer products, and the name of these products is TRUFRESH®. 

The TRUFRESH® products have been processed in order to preserve the finest quality of salmon as it was when the salmon was fresh. After thawing, a Nordlaks TRUFRESH® product presents itself with a texture of the salmon filet or portion matching the original freshness of a high quality Atlantic salmon. 

The TRUFRESH salmon is frozen incredibly fast and at a very low temperature . Conventional freezing methods form ice crystals in the cells of the fish, rupturing the cell membranes and causing purge when the fish is thawed. The TRUFRESH® process is a guarantee for the best aroma, nicest fish texture and good taste. Vacuum packing is the method to keep this quality all the way through the value chain to the consumer.